About Us

SARP is a premier global asset management and advisory firm that strives to create value and protect wealth for our international clients. Our firm was founded in 2003 with a vision to create a world-class asset management business that brings quality investment programs and services to an international clientele, a firm of high integrity that puts our clients’ needs first.

Our firm specializes in managing investment assets from real estate and private equity to other alternative investments. We work with an extensive network of partners in investment sourcing, due diligence, execution, legal, accounting, and specialized advisory, all of which contribute to our ability to deliver performance and results. Our business units and network of partners are a reflection of SARP’s foundation built on investment expertise, partnership culture, and professionalism, as well as our commitment to integrity and excellence.

Management Team

The SARP team consists of investment professionals specialized in real estate, private equity, and other alternative investments. Our team understands the needs of sophisticated high net worth and institutional clients, and we apply our strengths as a seasoned investment advisory firm to deliver solutions for our clients for building wealth and protecting wealth.

Our team is headquartered in Phnom Penh, with offices in Sihanouk Ville and Kep-Kampot province. Our 19 years of history in managing client portfolios, our specialization in multiple alternative asset classes, and our global network and perspectives provide us the crucial advantage in catering to the performance needs of our clients.

Real Estate Development

Our real estate development projects span from luxury single-family home and multi-family development to planned residential communities. The goal is to provide our partners and clients with high-quality real estate development opportunities while adding value to and being respectful of the local communities. Our relationship with the local communities, owners, lenders, contractors, and other developers and partners providers provides us an advantage in land sourcing, entitlement, planning, financing, and construction.

Real Estate Fixed Income

Our real estate investments primarily consist of high-quality income-producing properties in the Phnom Penh and Asia Pacific, including multi-family, multi-tenant retail, and single-tenant retail properties, which can be acquired at a discount to stabilized value or replacement cost. We seek to bring to our investors strong, consistent income and asset appreciation through cost-effective management, extensive research and due diligence, economies of scale, and tax optimization. We also leverage our extensive relationship with owners, lenders, intermediaries and other partners for deal sourcing, as well as our offshore investment structure for potential tax advantages.

Private Equity and Special Opportunities

Our private equity and special opportunities investments span a range of industries in Asia Pacific, more countries. We create and uncover value by providing businesses with timely capital for expansion, transition or restructuring. Our investment strategies and programs include structured financing, mergers & acquisitions financing, distressed investments, renewable energy investments, and real estate investments. While we strive for superior long-term investment returns, in each and every investment our undivided focus is on cash flow, asset valuation, growth potential, and downside protection.