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1. Overview of Cambodia

Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia with land border with Laos and both land and sea with Vietnam and Thailand. Cambodia has rich in natural resources such as timber, mineral (iron, rock, gold and diamond ) beneath land and sea and on surface of earth. For weather and season, Cambodia has two seasons: rainy season and dry season and this country enjoys slight of natural disaster like flood or drought in some areas. Cambodian government is striving to build irrigation water and hydro dam to better water management for source of electricity and agriculture. In 2019, there are 16 millions population, 24% of population living in urban area and median age of overall population is 24.3 years.

2. Why should you invest in Cambodia?

Cambodia is a land full of opportunity to invest both in urban and rural area. There are 65% of population is below 30 years old. Local and foreign investor enjoy large available work force of youth for industrial purpose and massive development project. Cambodia is using both Cambodian riels and United States dollars for marketization and globalization thus foreign investor always find Cambodia very convenient to transfer in/out and use US currency to trade and business purposes. Below, there are 8 reasons to invest in Cambodia:

2.1 Political Stability

The government of Cambodia along with the country’s establishment have made substantial efforts in recent years to make Cambodia a politically stable country. The members of the parliament, ministers, bureaucrats, and other national institutions work together in the best interest of the country. As a result, Cambodia is becoming the fastest growing economy in Asia and people living here enjoy all sorts of public and private sector Amenities. In addition, the government of Cambodia under the leadership of Hun Sen is continuously making efforts to provide exceptional opportunities to both local and foreign businessmen.

2.2 Escalating GDP

From 1994 to 2016, the country’s GDP was 7.63%. In 2005, Cambodia’s GDP reached an all-time high of 13.30%. Key world economists have projected that the country’s GDP will grow high between 2019 and 2022. The estimation shows 7-10% in GDP. According to the World Bank report published recently, Cambodia has made significant growth in different sectors including construction, real estate, and garment industry – which today are the primary drivers of the country’s economy.

2.3 Rising Land Prices

In April 2010, the Cambodian government passed legislation on foreign property ownership. Since then, the property and real estate market has seen significant growth. The prices of land properties and buildings are increasing in the country – especially in the capital city of Phnom Penh. This is the reason thousands of foreigners are investing in the real estate market as well as thousands of others are seeing keen potential in the property market. So, the property market will boom further in the coming years.

2.4 Dollarized Economy

Cambodia has a largely dollarized economy, which means minimized risk for foreign exchange. The dollar economy of the country has created a sense of security for businessmen and foreign investors – particularly, in the real estate sector. This shows stable monetary policies and financial responsibilities.

2.5 Strategic Location

The strategic location of the country makes it a favorable destination for foreign investors. Booming economic countries like Thailand and Vietnam share land and sea borders with Cambodia. The country is also closed to two of the world’s largest and fastest-growing economies – China and India.

2.6 Improved Trade Integrations

Cambodia is a member of the World Trade Organization “WTO” since 2004. The country is also a key member of ASEAN – this provides stabilized regional trade benefits. The government of Cambodia and the department of trade also provides preferential export or duty-free access to most developed economies like China and the USA. The country is also the part of “One Belt One Road” project initiated by China.

2.7 Improved Transportations

The Cambodian government has upgraded all key road links and bridges with neighboring countries. The rehabilitation of the road system and the rail system has also been done. The government is collaborating with the country’s key strategic partners like China to modernize and expand the container seaport in Sihanoukville. Moreover, the government has opened three international airports.

2.8 Attractive investment destination

A recent report published by Bloomberg shows that China’s interest in Cambodia has brought over 200 investors from China and hundreds of large real estate companies from other parts of the world are investing in the Cambodia property market. In 2018, Chinese companies invested over 7 billion dollars in new projects – including a highway that will connect Cambodia’s capital city Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville. Last but not least, Cambodia’s property market will continue to grow in the coming years with more and more investors coming to make great profits. Learn more about the world-class residential property with all types of luxurious features with Saroeun Asia Real Property Co., Ltd.

3. What should you invest in Cambodia via Saroeun Asia Real Property Co., Ltd?

Saroeun Asia Real Proerty Co., Ltd has long standing history of more than 15 years of real estate activities in Cambodia. We had numerous of successful experience in dealing with huge property investment and property consultant. Below are our expertise:

Estate agency

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We can handle all kind of property or investment project marketing to look for extensive and extra investor to fund on project or project lease and sell. These projects can be condo, apartment, office building, economic land concession, factory and industry development for perfect investor and project owner.


We strive to be the real estate agency of choice in Cambodia for discerning clients by offering the best service standards, the most optimal response time and the highest level of professionalism in real estate industry. MISSION In every property transaction we undertake, we are committed to:

• Listening to our clients

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• Achieving the best price possible, in the shortest possible time

It is our privilege to help developers achieve their aspirations of high and fast sales for their projects and to assist our buyers in building up their individual property portfolio step-by-step from their first dream home to a winning investment property.

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